Grateful for


At times, maintaining a positive mindset and acknowledging the many blessings in my life can be challenging. This year I want to do better. I want to practice gratitude and foster an optimistic outlook. Here I gather all those cherished moments in a single space and reflect on them whenever I need a reminder. #gratefulfor


Grateful for: Having good friends that lend me their #offwhite sunglasses for a photo.🕶️


Grateful for: My brother inviting me to his work #galadinner


Grateful for: Seeing my puppy Ruby love her new toy. 


Grateful for: Having the strength to stand tall even on difficult days 🐆


Grateful for: Spending this weekend with all the people I love (and for buying new cute #mugs). 


Grateful for: The #lemontree my Dad planted in the garden of my home. I get to see it every day from the window in all its glory. 🍋


Grateful for: Still finding the strength to fight for my dream, even though sometimes it feels like I’m never going to make it.



Grateful for: Surviving January. It’s been hard finding something to be grateful for this month but I’m looking forward to better days.🌦


Happy New Month 💙 Grateful for: The days getting longer. 5:30 pm and it’s still day-light.


Grateful for: God sending new friends and business partnerships my way. #potterycat


Grateful for: Coming home to this baby who patiently waits for me and loves me unconditionally 🤎


Grateful for: Having a Dad like you 💙


Grateful for: Celebrating another wonderful birthday. 🎂 Happy Birthday Mummy 💕


Grateful for: Being patient enough to know that everything comes in good time. The things that are meant for me, are on their way. 🙏🏻


Grateful for: coffee deliverys on days at work where my energy runs low. ♥️


Grateful for: finding the strength to smile, even when everythin is aching both physically and mentally. One day everything will heal.🖤


Grateful for: knowing that I’ve been here before and having the resilience to know that this (pain) too shall pass. 🙏🏻


Grateful for: this angel 🐶


Grateful for?… a tough question to answer today. I feel anxious and irritated. You don’t have to force gratitude.. it will come along.


Grateful for: God giving me so many different skills that enable me to have multiple sources of income. #marketing #businessmeetings


Grateful for: Orange skies like this, giving us signs to wait for the ‘green’ light, when life feels better and goes back into motion. 🚦


Grateful for: Sunny, warm Sunday mornings when I lay in bed just a little longer and wake up to the sound of the birds chirping 🐦


Grateful for: Discovering new spots in town where I can enjoy good coffee and brunch and take Ruby to when she gets better. ☕️


Grateful for: God’s gift of nature. #butterflycapture


Grateful for: everything God gave me in my 20s. #lastdayofmy20s


Grateful for: Life with you. You make my days feel less heavy. #mysweetsoul


Grateful for: 30 years of life. I’m determined not to shed a tear today, as I usually cry on my birthday. It’s been a journey since 1994.


Grateful for this mini getaway to the UK that is happening at a perfect time. Let’s escape the chaos for a while. 🛫


Grateful to be able to afford buying new things when I want to. So many things are taken for granted these days, but they shouldn’t.


Grateful to be able to stand strong and keep my chin up, even when things get rough and stressful. Keep your head up and look at the sky.


Grateful for a glorious day spent in the majestic city of Oxford with my Mum. Radcliffe Camera never fails to impress me.


Grateful to have Nana Mary at the age of 84 in my life. I love her so deeply, I hope she knows how much. 


Grateful that you are my Mum. I am everything I am, because of you ❤️


Grateful for this new wave of positivity and belief that things are about to change. The readiness for a chapter in my life is so intense. 


I’m so grateful she exists. Seeing pictures of her looking happy and feeling loved and safe fills my heart with so much joy. #RubyRoo