I have decided that every year I am going to travel to a different country outside of Europe. And each year is going to have a theme, influenced by the country I travel to.

Last year (July 2018), I travelled to San Francisco and Los Angeles and spent about a month there. While I was there, I observed everything around me carefully and tried to pay attention to how the people live there, what their habits are and what the California lifestyle is like. Although during my time there I probably seemed apathetic and lost in my thoughts, after I returned home, I naturally started to go over all my experiences and reflected on all I had seen and learned. I went through all my photographs and selected my favourites, gradually adding them to my website and posting them on all social media platforms. This made 2019 the ‘year of California’ on the MARY-ANN&CO website and social media.

This year (November 2019), I visited Asia for the first time. I spent two weeks in Thailand travelling all across the country and its surrounding islands. We started off in Bangkok making our way up north through Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai and then returned back down south, to explore Koh Ngai, Koh Lanta, Ao Nang and the Phi Phi Islands.

So without saying too much about what the 2020 theme is going to be, you can expect to see dozens of photographs of colourful sunsets, golden temples, hard-working Thai faces and gorgeous islands surrounded with emerald waters and white powdered sand on the MARY-ANN&CO website this year.

2020 the ‘Year of Thailand’ !

Check out the full photography collection of Thailand HERE.

Enjoy x