I’ve been grappling with a sense of melancholy lately. The return from my invigorating two-week escapade split between the enchanting streets of San Francisco, California, and the serene landscapes of Sedona, Arizona, has inevitably left me a bit deflated. Despite this emotional dip, I’m making a concerted effort to retain gratitude for the privilege of embarking on such a journey. Moreover, I’m actively seeking ways to channel this melancholy into a wellspring of inspiration. To facilitate this process, I’ve embarked on a personal blogging journey to meticulously chronicle my thoughts and emotions.

In the next few weeks, I aim to transform my website, www.maryannandco.com, which currently serves as a platform for showcasing my photography and web design portfolio. The aspiration is to metamorphose it into something more intimate, candid, and authentic. My ambition is to harness the therapeutic potential of writing, leveraging it as a vehicle for emotional catharsis. Even if my words resonate with just one reader, the mere thought of this potential impact fills me with profound joy.

Wellbeing, the delicate dance of Life-Work Balance, the tapestry of Lifestyle, my Travel chronicles, immersive Book Reviews, are few of the topics I hope to cover in my BLOG. The idea that all my thoughts and feelings will be centralised in one place makes me happy, however, there’s an underlying fear, a flutter of unease, that accompanies the notion of sharing such personal reflections with the vast expanse of the online world. Even though I’m nervous, I’m going to give it a shot. So, here goes nothing!

Also, here’s a photo that makes me super happy. Me and Lemmy, the mini goldendoodle, sharing an intimate moment at Temo’s Café located in The Mission, in San Francisco.